The 7th Month


Well it's been FOUR weeks since I did an official blog bumpdate.
Hunter is already hitting that second child action before he's even out of the womb, poor kid. lol.

Let's recap weeks 29-32 shall we?

He's gone from being the size of a small head of cabbage to a a pretty large squash because we all know produce size is a constant. If that confuses you, like it confuses me - let's just stick to basics and we'll say he's rapidly approaching four pounds and probably about 17 inches long by average standards. However, I don't seem to be carrying an average sized boy as he sent me to the hospital last week with wince worthy pelvic pains. After my own OB was incredibly confused and stumped over the amount of pain that sent me there, she handed me to the ER OBGYN floor so I could be monitored for a few hours. Pre-term labor was on the table of options but was quickly dismissed as I only had one contraction in the span of 2.5 hours. Wild boy Hunter also had a case of pretty severe hiccups while I was under observation, which made my incredibly sweet and peppy nurse burst in laughing when the fetal monitor started freaking out. After being examined, not once, but twice and being monitored and fed saltines for about three hours, I was released with the diagnosis of having a very large headed kid. The exact wording is that I, at just under 31 weeks, already have a boy with a head the size of a full term baby and no signs of early labor occurring, so he's just going to keep growing. That, paired with the fact that I was told about a month ago that this boy's feet were nearing full term size is making me think that the big and tall genes on both sides of our family decided to come together in designing this huge baby I am now carrying. The ER docs also suspect that my intense pelvic pain is due to my body releasing a little too much of the hormone 'relaxin', causing my pelvic bone to literally separate a hair... which would explain the big POP that happened when I rolled over in bed the night before driving myself to the hospital and the fact that walking is occasionally painful. Unfortunately there is really nothing that can be done and I was told that I will probably experience this pain the rest of pregnancy. So I get to wear a spanking hot 'maternity belt' that makes me feel a bit like a creature with a saddle strapped around their belly.

The joys of motherhood, am I right?

That is the most dramatic tale of the seventh month of pregnancy. Otherwise, Hunter and I are both "perfectly healthy" according to the doc. I'm ever increasing in girth, can't sleep a wink due to frequent bathroom trips and kicking, moving a wee bit slower and can only fit a small amount of food in my belly at a time before Hunter starts making his presence VERY known and I have trouble breathing. So small meals it is. Haha.

Around these weeks he's growing out his hair, supposed to be positioning himself for birth and has both a rapidly growing brain and is putting on more body fat (help). I'm equal parts excited to see if he has a head full of hair like his big sister as much as I am terrified to see juuuuust how much body fat he's putting on. Like my belly already feels like it's being stretched to the max and he's supposed to just about double his size before his due date. Heaven help me.

This week Hunter attended his first big party thrown in his honor by a bunch of my dearest friends. With the fact that this spring has consisted of selling our home, downsizing and living in a temporary space with my in-laws while we search for our next home there has been ZERO nesting going on. Last week, my type A, ducks in a row nature started freaking out that we don't have a single diaper or place to sleep ready for him and at this point I'm pretty sure I had Belle's nursery set up. Again with the second kid syndrome. But after being spoiled and loved on last night, I feel SO much more prepared to usher this wild boy into the world and the realities that I'm bringing a BOY home with me in just a few short weeks is becoming pretty real with the swarm of blue things that just made an appearance!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about making the switch from one to two kids and going from a girl to having a boy at that. For whatever reason I haven't been able to even imagine what it will be like - maybe because my mind has been so preoccupied with all the craziness that our family is currently dealing with, but still. Like what in the world will it be like to be momming a little boy? If this pregnancy is any indication... definitely not boring ;)

Until next time... BumpOUT!


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