27/28 Weeks

Ya'll what a crazy ride the past two weeks have been! 
We moved out of our house, into our new space, only to then move into a hotel for a week and will be back into our new digs come Sunday. It's been a lot and there has been little sleep and Hunter has been getting bigger and heavier this entire time... making the moving process rather interesting and difficult. But here we are. 

We had our 3rd trimester check up this week where we got to experience the glucose test, extra ultrasound for checking the location of my placenta as well as my Rhogam shot and another thyroid check. Holy poop it was quite the appointment, incredibly thankful for friends who took Belle for the morning so I could sit and wait it all out without dealing with a toddler on top of it all. 

The long and short is both Hunter and I are healthy as can be! My placenta has moved and I no longer have to look at the likelihood of a c-section. Both my gestational diabetes test and thyroid levels came back PERFECT and the doc said that I'm taking fantastic care of myself. SCORE. 

The best and also most amusing part of the whole appointment was during the ultrasound when the tech questioned my due date, not once, but three different times. Apparently Hunter is a big boy - which I could've told her just based on the fact that it feels like I'm already carrying a bowling ball and his kicks and jabs are becoming increasingly uncomfortable in ways I didn't experience until the last month of pregnancy with Belle. Most babies are weighing in around 2.2 lbs at this point and my tech said he's measuring in at nearly 3 already. Considering he has a full three months left to be in there, Lord have mercy. She said the size of this wild man's head is up in the 90th percentile and his feet are already a couple inches long. THREE MORE MONTHS PEOPLE. He's about to start gaining his body fat rapidly and I'm a bit nervous for what that means when it comes to getting him out of me after hearing my tech talk about how big he is over and over again. Sheesh.

In other news, carrying a boy is so very different. I have aches and pains that I don't remember experiencing with Belle. Maybe it's his size or just where he is lounging around in there, but he consistently keeps me uncomfortable from the belly button down. I can't bend over without making a full squat or else I feel like I'm going to fall over. My workouts have changed drastically just over the past three weeks because of how much oxygen I'm having to share with him as well as the fact that there are moves I just can't do with a big ol belly in my way. Don't get me wrong, I still feel good and healthy but I am definitely carrying a big boy and my body lets me know it - I honestly feel nauseous a little more nowadays then I ever did in the first trimester with this wild man just from his powerful kicks and jabs! I mean has a baby ever kicked their way out? I need answers. Lol.

Anyway, I'm super excited to get settled soon so I can start thinking more about his arrival and getting things set up for him! Lately I'm finding myself focused more on what I about to lose (time with Belle, time with people and doing things in general), instead of what I'm gaining and I want to turn that around because I'm insanely grateful for this second little miracle and want my excitement to start matching my thankfulness! 

Mamas who have had both a boy and girl - was the third trimester really different for you?


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