25/26 Weeks

Whew buddy! These past couple weeks have been CRAZY. Hence the two week update instead of accomplishing my desire to update ya'll every week! Learning that flexibility is still something I need a lot of growth in, in all areas of life. This season of selling our home, moving into a temporary situation at my in-laws house, not being able to "nest", running a growing business, momming a now THREE year old (oh ya, definitely dropped the ball in her yearly update), all while living and enjoying my life is a constant lesson in the need to just give my crazy to God and trust that if I'm doing my best, He's got the rest!

But enough about my crazy and onto this growing baby bump!
Real talk, I think this picture is from 24 weeks after a large lunch which makes it an accurate depiction of my 26 week bump. Although I am sporting basically the same outfit today.

Week 25 I actually put some strain on my lower back / baby area by swinging Belle over my body in a not so smart way. I immediately felt that I did something I shouldn't have and had to take it easy for about a week due to some cramping and pain. So I actually had to rest from workouts, but with all the moving and packing and cleaning was still staying pretty active. This week I've been able to do some lower impact workouts again without pain and will probably jump back into my normal routine after another week of working back up to it. It's crazy how just a week off can set your body back a few paces... especially while pregnant and sharing oxygen. Hot dang. Let's just discuss how I can workout for 30 minutes without getting too winded but have me going up and down a few flights of stairs and I'm gasping for air. How does that work exactly? Because I'd like to know. I'm also beginning to feel the typical lower back and body aches from the weight of the belly and my uterus which is now like the size of a very large cauliflower at this point if I remember correctly.

Hunter has been kicking me full force these days. Pretty sure he's been taking his cues from my MMA workouts and giving me some pretty mean roudhouse kicks whenever he pleases. He's definitely still his most active when I'm trying to chill which makes sitting or laying down pretty uncomfy, but getting to watch and feel his little kicks and spins is still one of the coolest things about pregnancy to me, so I'm not complaining.

He has started to grow nails and wiggle his individual fingers and toes at this point. Weighing in at just under 2lbs (though my lower body feels like a 10lb weight is resting on it at all times) and roughly the size of a larger acorn squash. His immune system is developing at top speed now which is keeping me thinking about how I treat my body in this stage all the more. His eyes are starting to open a bit and he's practicing breathing.

Next week I have a 2-3 hour long appointment to cover several things, one of which is finally getting that extra ultrasound to check my placenta and see if it has moved to where I don't have to worry about the possibilities of dealing with placenta previa and all that entails. Due to the amount of movement I feel, I'm hopeful the placenta has shifted to where it needs to be, but we'll see. As long as Hunter is healthy I really couldn't care less - though not having to deal with the precautions and a scheduled c-section are obviously a hope. I also get to do the dreaded gestational diabetes test and get my little shot of rhogam! The only part of the appointment I'm looking forward to is seeing him on the ultrasound screen!

Curious - has anyone done the alternate screening for gestational diabetes that involves taking a buttload of honey as opposed to that disgusting sugar drink?


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