Seven Years

This morning we woke up and said Happy Anniversary in unison and it made us both laugh a little. Seven years ya'll. That's insane. Taking dating into account, we've been each other's boo for nearly a decade. Holy smokes. How old are we?

The more I've thought about it this morning, us doing something in unison was a pretty good picture of grace in our marriage. As I shared last year, the past couple of years of marriage have been a little less 'blissful' and a little more 'reality based' and we have gone through a time of so not being on the same page with one another.

This year we decided to stop trying to fit the other person in a box and let the other be who they are and it's truly been the most freeing thing. Ya'll, it's humorous how incredibly different we are - from the way we eat to the way we like to enjoy our 'off time'... we honestly used to give each other push back on just about everything and it started to drive us a bit batty. This year by God's good grace looking down and being like, ya'll need to figure out your business - we decided to love each other for who the other is instead of trying to change the other and get back to working together as a team. Choosing to see each other's differences as pieces that completed the other instead of what sets us apart had made a world of difference in how we love each other. He's the calm and steady to my crazy, ever changing self and I truly wouldn't wish it any other way.

The past couple years have me excited going into our eighth year as I'm sure we'll continue to learn how to appreciate the other one's quirks and differences in all new ways as we experience the new adventures of a move, possible career changes and welcoming our baby boy into the world (and literally who knows what else?!).

Love living life and all of it's crazy adventures with you babe!
Cheers to another year of learning and loving and smooching!

P.S. If you want a little extra dose of sap - here are the other Anniversary posts I've written over the years TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX


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