Bumpdate 19 Weeks

Someone wanted to join in on the photo action this week! Big sister loves our baby so much already it makes me think the transition may not be as difficult as it may have been if we had gotten pregnant when we first started trying. Hopefully that is indeed the case as it's definitely something this mama thinks about from time to time.

This week has been such a blessing after dealing with the emotions and fears of last week. The baby has let me know it's there more regularly and a little more forcefully the past couple days with it's first actual kicks instead of just flutterings. I've actually been feeling even better this week and at times during my workouts not even feeling pregnant (don't worry Dad, I'm still playing it safe). Baby is about the size of a mango or grapefruit and weighs probably about 1/2 pound... although the spike in my current weight makes me question that - maybe I'll have a little chunky monkey this go around. Haha.
Baby has also started making facial expressions in the womb at this point, and if I had to guess, the funny little thing was probably grimacing this morning, as it didn't seem too happy with the yogurt I ate today. Planning to turn that frown upside down with some yummy lunch. Wish us luck!

Currently all that consumes our minds in regards to baby is whether Barry will no longer be outnumbered by crazy girl emotions (real talk) or if Belle will get her wish and have a little sister. We will be ecstatic whatever the outcome, we're just ready to know! That exciting appointment is only a week away and I'm so antsy I can hardly take it!

As per usual, BumpOUT!


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