22 Weeks

I could not be bothered to take a high quality cute photo of my ever expanding baby bump this week! The expression on my face says all you could ever need to know about the happenings of this week. Ha.
We have tentatively sold our home as of this week, as long as the inspection goes well on Monday, so this baby mama has been an ever loving busy bee going through all of our belongings and downsizing so that when it's time to get some serious packing done and I'm even more pregnant, we won't have as much to pack up. Doing this sort of task while growing a human and having a toddler interrupt you every five minutes has proven to be an experience thus far, but we're making it and I'm excited for what the future holds - even though the fact that I want to be in nesting mode and don't really have a permanent place to nest, is tripping me up.

In case you missed it, last week I did an mini bumpdate over on the "insta" and let our baby's name drop. I think several people didn't even realize what we had done based on some of the reactions I've been getting when I call him by name. Ha. He's already living that second child life with a little less pomp and circumstance I suppose. Sorry kid.

We've actually had his name picked out for over three years, before we knew whether we were having a boy or girl the first time around and when we realized out of the other names we had added to the boy list over time, it's still our absolute favorite, it was decided immediately.

Little "Hunter James" is his name, or baby "Huhn" as his big sister refers to him as. Hunter has always been one of my favorite boy names and James is a middle name we are continuing for I believe the fourth generation on Barry's side. I'm obsessed and it fits our little wild man perfectly.

Wild seems to be his true middle name over the past week or two as he's been kicking and rolling and doing only he knows what in the womb as I feel all the ways he's stretching the little place he currently calls home. I'm so interested to see whether I get to experience rib kicking this time around of if he will follow in his sister's footsteps and want to be kicking my bladder non stop.

I read this week that his brain development is progressing quickly and his eyes are beginning to take on the ability to sense bright light. He is about the size of a papaya and likely weighs only about a pound (um hello baby boy, you feel a lot bigger than that lately, what gives?).

This pregnancy continues to be so different than Belle's - from what life looks like for me, to the time of year and the way I feel. Pregnancy is still the coolest in my opinion!

Til next time, BumpOUT!


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