20 Weeks

Well ya'll! We're super excited to announce that we can finally stop saying "it" because ladies and gents, we have a baby BOY!

It's so funny, when I was pregnant with Belle I was sure I was having a boy and had a hard time getting my head around a girl at first. This time I didn't have a clue as to what I thought we were having and I still don't think it's completely sunk in! A BOY! AHHH! What kind of life will that be like?

We're incredibly excited though! Belle had her heart so set on a baby sister she was a bit unsure over the news initially, but she's warming up to the idea since then. I'm excited to start looking at baby boy stuff, I may break down and buy a onesie before the week is over, because I think that's when it started to sink in with Belle was when I started seeing girly things around the house! We are still settling on a name, but we'll be sure to let ya'll know!

So obviously we had the BIG ultrasound this week and got to see our little man in action!
I was beside myself with anticipation all week leading up to it and honestly the couple days leading into it I was anxious because I hadn't felt baby boy kicking for nearly two days. Come to find out my placenta is actually sitting in a position that makes it harder for me to feel him which explains why I only feel him a couple times a day when I'm sitting really still. I don't have a full placenta previa, but it's close enough that we'll be getting an extra ultrasound once I hit the third trimester to see how to proceed. Right now it's not a concern whatsoever though - both baby boy and I are completely healthy and that's all that matters. Even though I can't feel him doing it, he was moving non stop - even doing flips during the ultrasound which cracked us up!

We're so excited about raising a little man, don't really know what we're in for, but it's going to be good!


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