Bumpdate 18 Weeks

Ya'll this week has been the ones dreams are made of on the pregnancy front. I have felt so GOOD. My skin has almost completely cleared (the first trimester wreaked a little havoc), my workouts are not just doable, but enjoyable again - no energy drops part way through and I felt the first little flutters! Maybe it's all because I finally bought pants (thank you buy/sell page) and workout gear that fit my growing bump or the fact that I upped my food game due to feeling like a ravenous bear at every meal. We'll never know. Either way, my body feels so good and I'm so grateful!

For whatever reason though, this week has also been one I've been consistently plagued by fear of miscarrying. Maybe it's because I still sort of believe this is too good to be true or the fact that I just read about a woman finding going in to find out the gender only to discover she had miscarried that very day. Whatever the reason, it's sucked. God's been good to ease those fears whenever they arise, but the fact that they keep poking at me has not been a fun thing to deal with this week and something I wish I could just shake off.

But in happier news, our babe is the size of a pear this week and is capable of yawns, hiccups and moving around! I've only felt a couple flutters this week which makes me all the more anxious for more. Belle was the ever active baby in the womb, so I'm excited and curious to see if the same holds true for this babe. Speaking of Belle - the ever doting big sister checks on it daily with hugs, songs and greetings and it's so cute I nearly cry every time she does. Thankful this baby will come into the world so deeply loved.

***Side note before I sign off***
I've been getting a lot of questions about my health and fitness routine while pregnant - what I'm doing differently from my normal routine and really what I'm doing period. I'm going to put together a little post talking about all that *hopefully* next week. If you have any questions you'd like answered, I'd love to hear them so I can be as helpful as possible!

Until then, BumpOUT!


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