Bumpdate 17 Weeks

Hey hey! It seems so surreal typing one of these "bumpdates" up again. Like is this real life or just deja vu? I feel like I need to explain my entire first trimester as I'm starting bumpdates late in the game as compared to when I did them for Belle's pregnancy. But such is the life of a second child I suppose - sorry in advance kid!

This is one of my favorite week marks because a lot of women start feeling movement, which was by far one of my favorite parts of being pregnant the first go around. I've been on constant watch for that first flutter and may have just had one last night, but the jury is still out on whether it was just that or a weird muscle cramp. Our sweet babe is about the size of an apple this week and it's organs are all pretty well formed (how insane is that) and it can begin to hear the sound of my heartbeat and voice. I told Belle this and she is ever the excited big sister saying "hi baby, me big sister!".

This pregnancy has thus far been so completely opposite of when I was pregnant with Belle. I was so sick and nauseous the first five months with Belle and other than being more exhausted than I have ever been in my life during the second month of this pregnancy I have zero complaints. The first trimester I hardly felt pregnant at all, other than the amount of naps I needed and a few food aversions, it was a pretty calm couple of months.

The bump finally popped a couple weeks ago and has just continued to expand until here we are, no longer able to wear my pants comfortably. It has made me need to modify a couple workout moves and sleep a little less comfortably, but I'm telling you - if it weren't for the growing melon hanging off my abdomen and the constant need to pee and eat, I have very little to say on how I feel different physically - praise.to.the.Lord.

A lot of people are saying that since this pregnancy is so different, I'm probably having a boy... but to be honest I think it has a lot more to do with how I've cared for my body this year and the fact that I've kept up with daily exercise and not giving into (most) junk food cravings - and my doc agrees. Endorphins are magic my friends. Even when you don't feel like it... just get some exercise in while pregnant - it has made a world of difference already.

At this point I've gained about three pounds and have read that this next stage of pregnancy is when the hunger and weight gain starts picking up. It's a strange feeling to watch the body and strength you've worked so hard for for months slowly morph into a different shape and form a different sort of strength. It's been challenging me mentally and emotionally more than I thought it would. But obviously a growing belly is an absolutely wonderful thing in this case, even if my head is taking a minute to catch up to my heart.

So so thankful for this little growing gift and all the things it's teaching me already.

Until next week, BUMP out!


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