Scrumptious Salad

Lately I've been on a salad kick. I'm sure this seems like something that should be a normal thing for a health coach, but it truly is not. I'm not usually a salad kind of girl. So when the mood hits I take advantage of getting all those raw veggies in until I move out of the salad phase again. Because it inevitably drops down to my lowest meal priority eventually.

Whether you love and crave salads on the reg or are just in need of one to throw into your meal rotation. This one is scrumptious and my go-to. It's a complete meal if you make it as described or you leave off the protein cut the portion in half and use it as a side salad. Truly customize-able, as most salads are!

You'll need:

Cup of Lettuce (I like leaf lettuce best)
Cup of mixed veggies (I typically use cucumbers, mushrooms, and diced tomatoes)
1/4 cup Feta Cheese (I like the full fat kind... because our bodies actually like fat, contrary to popular opinion)
2 boiled eggs (peeled and sliced or diced - if you don't like eggs, chicken or turkey is good too)
2 Tbsp Annie's Goddess Dressing (or really whatever you're in the mood for I guess)

Simply throw all of that in a bowl and eat up! I've been eating this nearly every day and it fills you up more than you'd think it would and it's perfectly portioned so you're not eating a salad that has 800 calories packed into it! Win-win!

Fixers: 2Green 1Blue 1Red 1Orange (although Annie's is not fix approved, so sub out for a different dressing)


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