Turkey Pumpkin Chili

 Nothing says Fall like a big bowl of Chili does. Throw some pumpkin in there and my goodness you have a bowl of heaven! I could eat chili every couple days during colder weather, my husband however is not the biggest fan of chili, so I've been working hard our entire marriage (nearly 7 years) to concoct a recipe that the whole family could enjoy and this year I also made it my mission to keep it healthy! Well folks, though I don't think I'll ever fully convert my husband to being a chili LOVER, this was by far the most excited he's been about a chili I've made, so that's saying something, right?

You'll need:
16 oz can Kidney beans (drained)
16 oz can Black beans (drained)
28 oz can Crushed tomatoes
16 oz can Pureed pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
3/4 cup of Frozen corn
2 heaping tsp Minced garlic
1 tsp Onion Powder
1 tbsp Chili Powder
1 tsp Cumin

16 oz can Fire roasted diced tomatoes
2 lbs Ground Turkey

This is a slow cooker recipe (and the angels sang the hallelujah chorus) so it's all going in there!
Dump the first 9 ingredients into the crockpot while you are cooking the ground turkey on the stovetop. While the meat is browning sprinkle it with a little extra cumin and chili powder just so the meat captures all those flavors! Take the Fire Roasted tomatoes and blend them in a nutribullet or whatever you have to blend things. This is an optional step - if you like chunks of tomato, feel free to just dump them in - I however am the only one in my family that likes chunks of tomato, so blending them makes us all happy!
Once the meat is done, throw it in the crockpot, stir everything up and leave on low for 4 hours!

Done and done! Its the easiest chili ever and also one of the tastiest I must say! If you wanna get really crazy, I suggest topping it with a little cilantro and hot sauce, but that's just me!

Serving is a cup and half
21 day fixers - This is not a scientific count, but I count my serving as 1Green, 1Yellow, 1Red


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