Change of Seasons

With the change of the seasons, my garden is reaching it's end. So we are busy cleaning things up a bit before harsh weather gets here. We had originally planned to have a fall and winter garden but the lack of sunlight in my backyard didn't get the pumpkins going in time. So once the cherry tomatoes and cucumbers stop producing we'll just tend to the herbs and settle in for the colder months. I'm so grateful for the fact that we have a little garden and that my girl loves taking care of it just as much as I do. I remember the garden my parents had while growing up and I always loved being able to help plant and harvest food and I'm excited that Belle will hopefully share those same kind of memories from her own childhood!

This year our biggest producers were cherry tomatoes and herbs as opposed to cucumbers being our biggest one last year. I think I may need to re-think where I planted some things and adjust next year according to the areas that see the most midday sunlight!

Do you have a garden? How did it do this year? 


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