Garden Growth

Well surprise, surprise, it's been a while since my last garden update.
I feel like something I shared on Instagram this last week is fitting for explaining my thoughts towards my little garden and just gardening in general.

"It seems silly, but gardening is such an emotional roller coaster for me sometimes. It's taught me a lot about giving up control and rolling with the punches. There are days when everything is growing beautifully and days that nature does whatever the crap it wants and I have no control of the outcome. I just have to continue tending the garden to the best of my ability and celebrate each stage of growth."

Here is some of it's growth lately...

Cinnamon Basil Harvest

First year I've successfully grown lettuce!

It's out of control!

And oh so pretty and tasty!

Carrot tops, Strawberries, and my crazy Russian Kale before a caterpillar took to it.

First kale harvest of the season - some of those leaves are bigger than my hands!

Adding in some peppers, watermelon, and finally starting my cucumbers!

I'm lucky to get any of our strawberries - there seems to be a little thief roaming my garden. ;)

Gardening in p'jammers, what a treat!

Her favorite part of gardening is clearly the harvesting!

How is your garden doing now that summer sun is starting to shine?


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