Lately I've been ever so thankful for

Triumphs celebrated with popsicles. / Daily dance parties. / Encouraging accountability. / Backyard pool parties. / Reminders to take things slower. / Late night sits by campfires. / Struggles that leave room for grace. / Excited anxiousness. / A daughter who reminds me not to take life too seriously. / A husband who I can laugh with in the middle of our disagreements. / Safe friendships. / Sunny afternoons. / Roads that take you through mountains. / Waking up to my little gal's feet on my neck. / Memories made with my mom and my babe. / Watching bravery develop in my munchkin. / Buckets of rum punch after hard parenting days. / An independent toddler. / Tennessee back roads. / Our little family dates and group hugs. / The gift of being a mama.

Cheers to practicing thankfulness!

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