Something New #16

 On Fridays in 2016 I share something new I've done recently, here's this week's!

A couple weeks ago I went on vacation with my mom and survived the longest roadtrip I've ever made where I was solo(ish) - because Belle was my only traveling buddy for the drive. It was about a 12 hour trip with the various pit stops a toddler requires.
Making the trip had me a wee bit anxious for the couple weeks leading up to the it, simply because traveling is always unpredictable, but throw a two year old in the mix with no one to back you up when things get cray and there is no telling what can happen. Thankfully Belle is a trooper when it comes to traveling. With the exception of some standstill traffic making both of us a little on edge and a tantrum or two over getting back on the road, Belle was a straight up dream. We packed about 28 different snacks, a few books and a handful of portable activities which helped keep her distracted once she started getting tired and cranky.

Even though we survived the 12 hour drive to the beach, on the way back we decided to break it out over two days for the sanity of all involved which made for a much happier Belle as well as a less frazzled mama.

What is something new you've accomplished lately?

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic! I'm glad your trip was good! You two are so beautiful together! :)

    Some things I've been doing that are new ... or at least newer ... to me are putting Haddie down for regular naps, whether or not she falls asleep on her own. It has been great! Oh, the sanity! :) And #2 - grace ... I have been truly learning what grace is, and I've been growing in it! :D Holla-lujah!

    Love you!


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