Gracious ya'll, time got away from me and a garden update is long overdue! My garden is a little different looking than the following photos, but like I said in the last garden update - I want to share each step of the process with you! So I'm going to share what was going on over the last few weeks and then I'll update you again within the next week with what's going on currently. Deal? Ok, perfect!

So as my seedlings began to sprout in the warmth of my kitchen, and then continued to grow after I moved them from egg cartons to solo cups, I went to work on making sure the outside was ready for them once they were ready for the great outdoors. You typically keep tomato plants indoors for about 3-5 weeks depending on the type and like any seedlings you keep them in a sunny spot and keep the soil moist (but not soaking) by watering once or twice a day. Make sure whatever you're keeping your growing seedlings in has some way to drain excess water - I just carved out a couple holes in the bottom of my solo cups and kept them all on cookie sheets while they were indoors.

Onto the manual labor bit of the job. Setting up the garden beds. We use pallets to make our garden beds - because they are cheap and really all we need. We did not personally build our garden beds - a couple friends graciously took over that task while the hubs was away at training this month and had them all put together for me in the span of a few hours. Praise!
Once they were put together, I cleared rocks and weeds the best I could and then laid cardboard down where the beds were going to be. This kills the grass and weeds but will allow the roots from your plants to grow through. Don't ask me how that works, but it does. I didn't pull a single weed from my two beds last year and all I did was layer cardboard underneath my beds. 
After everything was positioned I filled them up with garden soil (I use Miracle grow, but any good garden soil will do the job), gave the dirt a good wetting down to begin the cardboard's decomposition and then swept off the beds.
It's getting real folks. 
My garden looks like a garden again. 

Those first little sprouts always bring such joy!
Growing right along!

Second stage cups

My lettuce & spinach beginning to sprout - the bag of lettuce seeds accidentally dumped. Time to thin the sprouts.

My ever faithful growing Russian Kale

Make sure that cardboard goes from edge to edge

Not the prettiest framed photo, but it shows you the lay of the land, ya know?

Pack it in people.

Obsessed with how they turned out.

Pretty little Snapdragons

Don't they look so good? 

They are currently housing tomato plants, herbs and the happiness of my very soul - I can't wait to show you that on the next garden update!


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