Something New #15

Every Friday in 2016 I share something new I did that week, here's this week's!
[[Clearly the above statement is a falsehood, as I have not posted the past two Fridays - oops.]]

This past week Barry and I hit up Mercy Lounge to see our friend Kyler Daron and his band open up for Remedy Drive. It was both a first for me going to Mercy Lounge and a first for both of us in hearing our friend perform live. It was truly a treat. You know how we're all looking for those things we were just born to do? Well we got to watch our friend do that thing of his. It was amazing and we're both so excited for and proud of him!
Ya'll should just go ahead and check his music out!

What's something new you've done this week?

1 comment:

  1. Sweet! It was so fun to meet him and Brooklyn during our girls' weekend. Awesomeness!


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