Something New #14

Every Friday in 2016 I share something new I did that week, here's this week's!

Does anyone else get excited to buy new makeup? Oh just me? Whoops.
This week I decided I'd buy some liquid foundation and concealer. Something I haven't done in years. I typically just use a little BB cream and then my favorite powder foundation from bareminerals but I kind of wanted something a little less expensive for most days since it's about to get real hot down here in the south and my makeup will probably sweat off by noon, anyway. Ya feel? Don't need that bareminerals wasted. I follow someone on periscope (probably the most intimidating form of social media and one I will never personally use) who shared their makeup routine this week and she uses the Maybelline Age Rewind so I thought I'd give it a try because it looked simple and that's my middle name when it comes to makeup. I've only used it while doing house things, so I have yet to see how it holds up when I head out into the elements - but so far I like it. My concealer skills could use some work though. Yikes.

What's something new you did this week?


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