Something New #9

Every Friday in 2016, I share something new I tried that week, here's this week's!

This week's new experience was completely unintentional but not something that I won't ever do again. I went the longest I ever have without washing my hair. 5 days. It's a really gross, curly mess of a record for me and I have no reason for sharing this except to maybe empower others to embrace the time saving technique that is not washing your hair. I mean truly, I have so much more time to live my life with dry shampoo as my best friend. Also, I'm back to the world of solo parenting for a while while my husband is away for another military school so that obviously means I say 'bye felicia' to my shampoo bottle.
I will definitely wash it today, ok? Promise.

What is something new you tried this week? 
And what is your favorite brand of dry shampoo? Asking for a friend, obviously.

1 comment:

  1. No judgement here! I have to say I've never tried dry shampoo. Interesting idea. ;)


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