Something New #12

Welcome to a Tuesday edition of Something New (my usual Friday installment) because last week I simply could not deal with any sort of added obligation, if you need further proof - see the above blurry photo, clearly I can not be bothered.

Onward to my 'new thing' - I didn't workout a single time last week for the first time all year and I also didn't blog once for the first time all year. As stated previously, life was too much to handle and I decided not to give a flip. But for reals ya'll. Last week was just sort of crazy. I lost my temper several times which filled me with mom guilt, things at my house kept falling apart or stopped working which filled me gnashing of teeth and rolling of eyes, my child was losing her dang mind (lets be real - AS.WAS.I.) because she has been sick for what seems like an eternity (yay for another ear infection or one that just didn't go away), we visited the doc twice in a week, things happened that I'm just not gonna share with the internet. Ya'll, it was a lot - just like the run-on sentence I just dropped on ya.
So, though I love them both, blogging and working out had to take a back seat for the week, because I live in a fallen world and can't add hours to my day. In related news, sleep was something also not happening due to the eternal plague going on in my house, so I filled my usual year long quota on naps by taking two or three. Bless it.

Cheers to a week that is hopefully a little less hazycrazy then last week!

1 comment:

  1. Whew, girl! What the what is happenin' with y'all? I hope you're doing better! Love you!


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