Something New #10

Every Friday in 2016 I share something new I did that week, here's this week's!

First ear infection.
First trip to the doctor due to sickness.
First traumatizing experience at the doctor.
First cleaning of poop out of the bathtub.
First unknown sickness/infection.
First scary high fever.

Hot dang. There have been a lot of firsts this week. Let me just say, watching your babe be sick is one of the the worst feelings there is. Let me also say that God wires a mama's body for kickin' tail at taking care of sick littles. The saying "having a child means you have your heart running around on the outside of your body" never becomes more relate-able then when your sweet babe is screaming bloody murder with a 105 temp and getting needles poked in her and 
Through the scary parts of yesterday, I kept thanking God for easy access to medical care, stellar insurance that allows me to not to worry about bills and church family & friends who operate like a family and have checked in with me almost hourly and made sure my every need is met so I can focus solely on my sick girl. How blessed am I? Praise Jesus!

We're still not out of the woods quite yet as the fever is persisting, but it feels like the scary part is over and for that I'm just so grateful. 
Now back to snuggling as that's all my little sicky wants to do... which doesn't bother me one bit.

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  1. Praise Jesus! Belle is doing better! It's true! I have learned in the past almost 11 months that there may not be anything worse than when your baby is sick or in pain (or both). I am so grateful that Belle is doing better. I was pretty worried about you guys ... praying a lot! And just so you know ... you are a super mom, Emily! Love you both!


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