Happy 2nd Birthday Belle

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, forever goofy, big-hearted Belle!
It's so crazy that you came into the world just two years ago - I can hardly imagine life without you!

Some of your favorite things in life right now:
Pretending and imaginative play - you love cooking and making tea and having picnics with your play kitchen, picnic and tea set. You're such a good mama to your babies - taking them for walks, feeding them and laying them down in their bed at night. Since your doctor visit last week, you really like pretending to take your temperature.
You also love doing anything I'm doing - if that be doing chores or putting my makeup on - you are right there trying to do it too. I certainly don't mind, even though it's humbling to know you watch my every move and wants to be just like me. You recently began bringing your play phone to the table at meal time, Lord help us. I'll get better at not doing that, ok?
Now that spring is here you are an even happier kid because it means we are outside nearly every day - we've already hit up all our favorite parks just these past two weeks and have started working in our garden, which you love. You've taught me that creatures big and small should be appreciated - your current obsession are ladybugs.

You continue to be a great sleeper - still taking about 3 hour naps every afternoon and sleeping 10-12 hours at night. Thanks for that, kid. On the flip side you are a horrible eater - becoming pickier by the day, but we find sneaky ways to get nutrition in you (most days). You still aren't saying many words except for the random ones that you let slip - I'm on to you pumpkin - I know you'll talk when you're ready, take your time. You did finally start saying Mama again just this week (happy BIRTHING day to me!) and started saying 'uh huh' changing your one answer world to two - praise. You love people, waving hello and goodbye to strangers, hugging your friends and blowing an abundance of kisses to those you love - mainly me. You get along really well with kids and adults alike, unless someone takes your beloved baby doll or an adult tells you no, because you are only two and that struggle is real. You're obsessed with anything Frozen or Tangled related and we watch those movies a LOT lately when Daddy is gone. You love twirling and dancing to just about every kind of music, but especially Justin Bieber, which we don't mind too terribly much. We have daily dance parties and you have surpassed me in dancing skills. You are quite the girly girl lately, asking for mani pedis almost every day as well as sportin' your favorite shoes every chance you get. You also know how to rock a mean bun or braided pigtails.

Belle, though you are a typical two year old with your run of the mill tantrums, stubbornness and defiance that brings us to Jesus daily, you are honestly one of the most empathetic, helping, caring, loving, pursuing little humans I know. You blow me away every.single.day. The picnic brunch you make me almost every morning, the hugs and kisses you shower your daddy and I with just because, the fact that you help me with chores or really just about anything I ask for help with and watching you love so well - goodness. 
We are two very blessed parents and so incredibly thankful for your precious life. 

Sweet Belle, thanks for making me a mama! 
I love you so very much!

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  1. Beautiful! Beautiful girlie. Beautiful mama. Beautiful post. Hope Belle's birthday was so spectacular! Love you both!


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