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There is nothing quite like the fresh start of Spring that makes me want to accomplish things - lots of things. Pile on top of that the need to keep busy and distracted while your husband is away for military training and well, consider me motivated {insert fist bump emoji here}.

Here are a few of the ways I plan to fill March 2016:

1) Plan and start my garden. Gardening is therapeutic for me - it's me time, productivity, saving money, and stress relieving all wrapped up in a glorious dirt filled package. I love it. Last year I only had a couple veggies, a few herbs and flowers - this year I'm more than doubling what I planted and hoping for so many yummy things. This is probably the biggest thing I have to accomplish this month as I have to buy and start the seeds, build garden beds, prep the soil, and run to Lowes approximately 25 times. I'm excited though because my garden is like another child for me.

2) Clean out closet / Instagram sale. I did this last fall and now it's time to do it again as I just have too many clothes I don't actually get any use out of because they fit funny or I've outgrown the style or whatever. Time to get all the my fall/winter stuff outta town. Be sure to follow emacshomesale on instagram so you'll know when I open my sale!

3) Paint kitchen and dining room. I've wanted to do this for months because we hope to sell our house relatively soon and having the same neutral shade on the main living area's walls will not only look better but make me happier. I also have grand plans of renovating our kitchen a tiny bit but that's another goal for another time when the funding is there. In other news - anyone skilled at painting and want to come help?

4) Get out of town for the day. This has been planned as of writing this - Belle and I are headed to Chattanooga for the day this Saturday to hang out with a friend and have a change of pace and things to do. I'm excited. I'm all about daytrips and I haven't done a solo one with Belle yet, so I'm looking forward to it!

5) Lose 5lbs. This goal is actually a lot more detailed than just the number as I tend not to base my health goals on a number. However, I have been consistently working out 5 (twice only 4) days a week since January 1st and eating a lot healthier and I want to continue to with this to reach the rest of my health goals. My body is hurting a lot lately because I have weak knees and ankles so I'm hoping to incorporate some more outdoor workouts that a little gentler on those areas but continue losing weight and building that muscle, baby.

6) Finalize plans and trips. This encompasses a few goals of needing to finalize a few details of already planned things. Easter dinner with friends who may not be able to go have it with their families. An upcoming girls weekend with a couple of my best friends from out of town. Drop off details for Belle for our beach trip that's coming up - because as much as I love my child, the beach is more enjoyable without diapers and 8pm bedtimes. Sorry, not sorry kid.

7) Speaking of my sweet offspring - she'll be TWO this month so I have to get to party planning. The husband and I grew up with totally different ways of celebrating birthdays and we've decided when it comes to celebrating Belle each year, all that really matters to us is that we celebrate it with those we love and who love her. We are blessed with one of the best 'villages' I could've ever hoped for, so planning a party that involves our beloved people is gonna be fun.

8) Adopt better sleep habits. What better time then when my night owl of a husband is away, right? I'm also a bit of a night owl due to insomniatic habits and also just wanting to stay up with Bear. However, my body likes me more when I go to bed a little earlier and get up at a decent time. Typically I'm very familiar with midnight being when I finally crawl into bed and sometime between 8:30 and 9 being when I finally crawl out. I'd love to adopt a more 'grown up' sleep pattern. Something a little closer to 10:30/11pm-7:30. What a dream. I'd have a full hour or more before Belle wakes up to live my life, ya know?

So how do you plan to fill your March 2016?
What are you looking forward to doing the most?

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