Braids & Curls

This is one of Belle's best buddies, Ruth. The mention of her name or the prospect of going to hang out with Ruth usually brings a big smile to Belle's face. They honestly could not be more different, but when it comes to sunshine and playing outside - they are two of the cutest peas in a pod. Lucky for me, Ruthie's mama is one of my favorite humans so playdates together are always the best.

One of my favorite things about watching Belle grow up has been to watch her make friends. Belle loves people in general and she is a true pursuer of those she loves and cares about. Watching her reach out and love other little humans (and honestly, she has many adult friends as well) so fiercely has made me examine my own heart in friendships and whether I'm loving as much as I could. 
I mean... ok kid, how humbling and perfect can you be? Golly. 

I pray her pursuing heart never fades.
Also that her and her friends always let me take mini photo shoots of them, because *GUSH*.

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  1. *Heart melting* I need to talk to you about your play dates and the like while I'm visiting you in just a couple of weeks! Haddie has no friends ... I worry she's gonna be super smart but socially awkward ... not really, but it crosses my mind. Ha! I'm over thinking it! She will make friends more and more as she gets older. Anyways ... so grateful that Belle has good friends already!


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