Something New #8

 Every Friday in 2016, I share something new I tried that week, here's this week's!

This week was full of new things (I don't seem to know how to ration them out). On our anniversary date we tried two new restaurants and they were both delish. I also went high speed go kart racing and didn't die, even if my stomach was tied up in knots the whole time (can't win 'em all I guess).

I also received my first set of oils this week. I've never actually had to pay for oils, my sweet mother has always gifted them to me so this was the first time I picked out what I wanted and ordered them myself. I went with the 7&7 set from Plant therapy and ordered a couple others that I wanted to try - Thyme to help with the snoring coming from the other side of our bed and Frankincense for the skin. I'm pretty excited experimenting with all of these in the coming weeks.

What is something new you tried this week? Share it in the comments!


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