Something New #6

Every Friday in 2016, I share something new I tried that week, here's this week's!

This week I did a few new things, which made for a fun week, obvi.
However I didn't take a single picture of the happenings. Whoops.

I started the week off with going to a Galentines Party - if you don't know what Galentines is, you should look it up - Leslie Knope will tell you all about it. It's truly the best holiday there is.
Then I started a new tv show (I know, life changing things, here) called Newsroom. Perhaps you've heard of it? Apparently it's all the rage and for good reason - it's really well done.
I also tried a new restaurant here in Nashville thanks to my gal pals 'forcing' me out of the house, called Cabana. It's possibly the coolest place I've ever dined at. Also they have sweet potato biscuits with peach preserves - need I say anything else about the deliciousness of their food?
Besides all that, I think the thing I'm most proud of doing, was making it through three weeks of no husband/daddy without having a mental breakdown. He's finally home as of late last night and my mental capacity is already relieved.

What is something new you tried this week? Share it in the comments!


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