Killing Germs with Essential Oils

I had grand plans of sharing what we did over our anniversary/valentines weekend with you today, but alas life happened and our toddler woke up with a high fever that didn't go away the rest of the weekend.

So I thought, what a perfect opportunity to share with you my favorite way to keep our family healthy. I am in no way a medical expert or trying to sell anything - just sharing what works for us.

Essential Oils are kind of all the rage right now. I pushed back on them for a long time because we both thought it to be a little cooky, but after being gifted a few of them for Christmas a couple years ago I tried them out and have since fallen in love with them. I truly believe they have played a significant role in keeping Belle, our toddler from ever getting much more than a runny nose. I've also had way less bouts of colds and sickness since using them. Since I love them so much, I figure I'd share a few of my favorites. Though Young Living and DoTerra are both some of the more desired brands, we've loved the Plant Therapy brand as they are much easier to purchase while living on a buget.

Here are our favorites to use during cold/flu season:

1) Germ Fighter is by far my favorite blend and something I diffuse almost daily during the winter months as well as anytime we've been around illness. It kills over 99% of airborne bacteria, so I mean, c'mon - why not? It's also something I've mixed with water to make a disinfectant spray for around the house (kids can do gross things ya'll). I also mix this with a little coconut oil and rub in on our feet before bed when we know there are germs among us. It's honestly what I think finally helped break Belle's fever this weekend, but again - I'm no medical expert. Major perk - it smells amazing!

2) Eucalyptus is awesome because it helps combats cold and flu effects as well as helps you breathe through even the worst congestion. I remember my mom would put this on a cotton ball inside my pillow case when I was stuffed up as a kid to help me sleep through the night and it worked. I will put a drop or two of this in my diffuser when any of us feel congestion coming on and it works like a dream. Although I haven't needed to use it yet for the purposes of such skin ailments such as lice and skin infections, I know it helps in those areas as well.

3) Immune-Aid If we're not in the thick of a cold and flu season or currently fighting sickness, this is what is most likely being diffused. Though Germ Fighter is definitely my favorite, this one is a close runner up for many of the same benefits.

4) Stress Free, though not a germ destroyer, definitely helps fight the mental germ called stress - which I struggle with on the reg. I've never handled stress very well, it will actually make me physically ill at times, so this is something I diffuse during the times I need to relax and just can't seem to. It definitely helps

5) Respir-Aid is a beast. This combines oils that helps you clear your sinuses with ease so that you can breathe. This was the very first oil I ever used when Belle experienced sinus congestion before she was old enough to know how to blow her nose. I made a chest rub out of it mixed with coconut oil and it helped relieve the congestion within seconds of applying it. The chest rub I make with this is something I've made for other mamas because of how wonderful it works to clear the nasty out.

What are some of your favorite oils to use for cold/flu season or otherwise? 
I would LOVE to know! Share in the comments!

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  1. Awesome!
    So how long did it take for you to notice these effects? We've tried some essential oils with Haddie because my mom is sold on 'em. But we haven't seen any kind of changes.
    Just curious. :)


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