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1) Josh Abbott Band - Um, hi. I'm obsessed with this band now. Like I played their entire latest album probably 10 times in a row until I knew every word. I'm not the type of person who listen to entire albums unless Taylor Swift released one, so it's kind of a big deal for me to fall in love with every song. Maybe I'm late to the party because apparently they have an album as old as 2008, but maybe I'm not and you've never heard of them either? Seriously go give them a listen.

2) H&M Skinny Jeans - So the only real shopping I did during our recent trip to Canada was a trip to a local mall where I browsed H&M (I know, how very American girl of me) and found the most amazing article of clothing I own. They are legit skinny jeans with the comfiest elastic waistband known to man - also the jeans themselves are made of this super stretchy denim that feels like you're lounging in something comfy but no one knows because they just look like skinny jeans. Gap has something very similar but these are actually more comfortable and the waistband is a little more sturdy (they were also like $40 cheaper). I have yet to find them here in the states or else I'd own a pair in every wash shade.

3) For the Love - Anyone who knows me well knows I'm not really a reader. I do try and I want to be a reader, but man, I just always find other things to do. Well for the first time in adulthood I actually finished a book in just a couple weeks because I just couldn't put it down. Jen Hatmaker writes like I think so it was a very quick connection from the first page. Also she makes you think deep things without being super boring. Guys - I even reread some chapters because they were so full of truths I needed to hear again. So good. Go buy a copy.

What are you digging lately? I'd love to know, please share with us in the comments!


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