A Perfect Day

This year for our anniversary we just really wanted a whole day and evening to ourselves to do whatever we wanted. We are so blessed to have such a loving community surrounding us that helped make that happen, even after the original day had to be rescheduled due to Belle being sick - our friends still made it happen. That alone was like, wow - what a gift!

In classic Barry and Emily fashion, we both had different ideas of what sounded like a good time for the day but we settled on wanting yummy food, no stress, and drinks of every kind. After dating each other for going on 8 years at this point we've learned give and take is key. So Barry sweetly took me somewhere I had been wanting to try for awhile {Pinewood Social} for lunch and I finally let him take me high speed go-kart racing after years of him asking. Neither one of those are things that we would do without the other person's prompting, but that's why we're good for each other. Then we stopped for coffee at my coffee shop {for me} and to take a cat nap {for him}. We wrapped up the evening with a fancy dinner out and topped it off with a surprise party for Barry surrounded by some of our dearest friends. It was truly the perfect day that we had been hoping for!


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