23 Months

 If Belle had a theme for the month, this month's would definitely be "Learning to be Flexible".  Most of this month was spent indoors due to crazy cold and snowy weather - which no one in this little family likes or enjoys. So we have had to learn to be ok staying indoors most days. This means a lot more time developing our imagination and creating things. So not all bad, though the stir crazy effect is in full swing now.

Most of this month was spent without daddy around as he was away for a military school. Which definitely made things a little more complicated as Belle and daddy are best buds. Though I had to tell her several times nearly everyday that the noises she heard outside weren't daddy pulling into the driveway, she was a champ and we both got through the three weeks of missing him. We are blessed with an amazing church family who took care of both of us and kept us from getting too lonely. We also took it as an opportunity to watch our entire collection of kids movies about 5 times over.

In addition to those things, I started a part time nanny job which was the biggest transition for Belle by far. She seems to have finally adjusted and has started wondering where her friend is in the mornings, but the first few days of having to share all her things, her attention and her mommy was tougher for her to handle than expected. She seems to be handling things with a little more ease with each passing day and already looking out for her buddy and sharing without having to be asked.

Other than her month of learning to be flexible, we find ourselves more and more realizing she's becoming more of a kid than a baby. Still not any talking to speak of except her occasional english word or phrase that she doesn't utter ever again and getting her to eat is a test of strength at every mealtime. Toddlerhood is honestly exhausting but also so cool. She's developing into the person she's going to be for the rest of her life, a little more every day and we are getting to not only watch, but help it happen.

We absolutely adore our girl and feel so lucky that God chose us to be her parents.
It's blowing my mind that she'll be two in just a month. Make it stop!!!

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  1. Belle is so beautiful! I love reading about her changin' and growin' and seeing her pictures. Sigh. Maybe someday we will live near one another again so that we can watch our kidos grow together and go on lunch dates to talk about how thankful and crazed we have become from the little hoodlums! Just maybe. ... So glad your nanny job is going well. Love you!


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