Lately I've been ever so thankful for
Answered prayers. / Couch conversations. / Oversized sweaters. / Vulnerable friendships. / The love and generosity among our church family. / For a husband who surprises me by washing all the dishes and vacuuming the floor while I'm out running errands. / The blessing of living near family who generously watch Belle regularly so we can have time as a couple outside of parenthood. / Days of warmth in the midst of winter. / Grocery shopping partners. / Encouraging accountability. / Power walks with friends. / Unexpected conversations with long distance friends. / Where I live (Nashville is where it's at, folks). / Five Guys cheeseburgers. / New disciplines and routines.

Cheers to practicing thankfulness!

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  1. These Thankfully Posts are right up my alley! God's greatest lesson of my life: thankfulness. Thanks for posting this! I'm thankful for you. I'm thankful for my Haddie girl, being secure in my husband's love, our counseling sessions together, being a stay-at-home mama, our church family, agreed - a warm home during the super coldness of winter, God's grace and faithfulness ... mmm, it feels good to thank God!


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