Something New #1

Though I didn't publicize any goals for 2016 - I've got 'em. A whole spreadsheet of them, ya'll. This is not something I just do every January - no, at any point in time I have a list (or 13) of things I want to accomplish and when I want to accomplish them by. I just don't know any other way to live. If I don't have things written out and in plain sight of what I want to do with my time - I waste it away by binge watching Olivia Benson do her thing. Real talk.

Though I'm not going to give you the whole, crazy organized list, I thought I'd turn one of my goals into a blog series. It's nothing high pressure, so the stakes are low. Which is just how I like it out in blog land.

I simply want to try ONE NEW THING each week this year.
The parameters are wide as the ocean - quite literally anything I've never done before, so it may get weird ya'll. Fair warning.
So every Friday I will share that one new thing with you. Cool? Cool.

So for the first week of the year, I hit up a new brunch spot called First Watch with a sweet friend!
It is very rare that I find a place to eat where I would eat everything on the menu, so when I find a place that accomplishes such a feat, it's like heaven to me. Not because I'm a super picky eater, but I am pretty particular. [There is a difference, trust me - I eat hamburgers all day every day, but I won't touch one from a fast food joint. Get it?]. My friend told me that she knew I'd love it which proves that I'm very consistent in my food choices and that I'm blessed to be known so well. 
We had to tell the waitress that we weren't ready to order like six times because I was having the hardest time deciding what I was going to devour. I thought about having a Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson moment and asking for two of everything, but ya know - it's like the first week of January - gotta stay on that health path for at least a week or two. Also ya'll - their kids menu could not be better. Everything was fresh and healthy and something even picky kids would eat and also hella affordable when it comes to kids meals.

Apparently this place has locations like all over the states so you should definitely go hit up your local one - or drive there on your next roadtrip.

What is something new you tried this week?


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