Snow Days

How we all reacted to the first snow dusting.

Perched next to the world's smallest snowman.

Winter wonderland the second day!

Nashville got more snow this past week than it's had since 2003 - I think we had 8inches in some places. I seriously considered looking up houses for sale in Florida because I ain't about this life, but Snow does have one thing going for it - it's absolutely beautiful when there is a lot of it and boy was there a lot of it! We kind of felt like we traveled to Narnia. 

Belle definitely shares our feelings when it comes to the cold and the snow. We could get her to stay out for about 5 minutes (which lucky for us that's the longest we wanted to be out there any way) and kind of touch and pick up the snow, but that was about the extent of her interest - as shown by the last three pictures of us as a family. Belle's face is showing how all three of us felt about being snowed it for three days. Haha.

We're all pretty stoked that Nashville is going to snap back to nearly 60 degrees within the week!


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