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This has always been one of my favorite series that bloggers do because sometimes you find out about cool things you may not have known about before.
This month I'm going to share a few foodie things that have helped me stick to my guns in keeping with a cleaner diet - because there is nothing cliche' about that in January, am I right?

1) Coconut Water - specifically this kind. The peach and mango just hits the spot and quenches all sweet tooth cravings. I typically have a few gulps of this before and after my workouts and then instead of a snack before bed I drink the rest of the bottle. Key is to buy them when Kroger has them on sale - otherwise it's a pretty penny.

2) Justin's Almond Butter - I love all kinds of almond butter, but Justin's  maple flavored is by far my love language of almond butters. The single serving packets also keep me on my game when I'm going to be outside of the house for awhile and need to pack a snack to keep me from indulging in fast food. I pair one of these babies with an apple and I'm set.

3) B-12 - Some friends suggested I hit this little vitamin up after talking about how I felt like my energy levels were non existent at this point in time. I was seriously having a hard time having any kind of conversation after about 3pm each day because it took too much energy to form thoughts. #momlife yo. Within a week or so of taking one of these a day, I've already felt much more like a human and much less like a zombie.

4) Shakeology - So after long conversations and making sure it would fit into the budget I decided to give the vanilla 'shakeo' a shot this month. Mostly because I hear it's like magic for mama's needing energy and like I mentioned before - a few weeks ago I felt like the the real life walking dead. And honestly, I think it has helped a lot. It's a lot sweeter than I expected which also helps me feel like I'm not going all day without something sweet and it really holds up to the job of keeping me full. We don't own a scale so I can't speak to what it has done to that end - but I like the results I am currently seeing after two weeks in my energy and ability to get through my workouts.

So what helps keep you on the fit path?
Or what other things are you digging right now?
Share them!

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  1. Nice! This is a fun list! I'm glad you're enjoying the results! I'm currently digging salads ... can you believe it? I'm so thankful. I working at adding more veggies to them. Dig on! ;)


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