21 & 22 Months

So I definitely skipped a 21 month update purely because I didn't need to add another thing to my December, ya feel me? Why are holidays so crazy, ya'll? It's truly ridiculous.

There are probably a hundred things I could tell you about the past two months of Belle livin' - but my brain would have to do an awful lot of remembering and I'd have to set aside a couple hours just to retell it all and mama ain't got time for that.

Here are some things you should know though.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Belle knows English and she is just straight up refusing to speak. Every once in awhile she lets her guard down and she'll speak plain words and then she acts like it didn't happen. Her most recent slips were "hugs and kisses", "Jesus", "oh boy", and "one more mom". Ironically all these phrases sum up her day to day life pretty well.

Terribly twos are a very real thing and they start on the second year of life - not after the second birthday. Ok? I have video footage that would prove this to you, but for the sake of my child not hating me one day for sharing her shame on the internet, I'm gonna just tell you - it's real and no one escapes this. For my friends who don't have kids yet - one day you will experience this and all you need to do is ask for help and I'll come over with a bottle of tequila and we can swap war stories.

Making sure your toddler eats enough is a worry that will literally drive a person insane. Just throw that concern out the window and let your toddler do their thing. Belle is blessed to live in a house with a refrigerator and kitchen cabinets full of food - does that mean she will eat it? No. No it does not. It means that almost every day around lunchtime she and I will have a come to Jesus meeting because I have fixed her a delicious meal that she has no interest in. Bless.

The takeaway is this...
Sass. And so much of it.

I could try to recount all of her sweet and kind ways (which trust me - those do exist), but lately my days are overwhelmingly full of sass and therefore are the only things coming to me at this moment.

Mama out!

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  1. Hahaha! I love your writing style ... the voice that comes out in your posts. Stinkin' hilarious, girl! I wonder if sass is a phase that all little girls go through ... if so, then I'm sure mine will be coming sometime soon. ;) Love you!


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