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I'm literally one of the slowest readers of all time. You can ask anyone I've ever borrowed a book from [shout out to my patient friends]. I've always wanted to be that person that reads a lot, but I'm just not. I have the hardest time comprehending what I'm reading and I just have to read sentences over and over and over again before I realize what I just read. It used to make me feel really stupid so I just wouldn't read, but over the past couple years I've realized I'm just wired incredibly visually. If I SEE something demonstrated or explained it's in my brain for life. This is why I will always choose the more visual way to learn something new.
That being said, I still think reading is important and there are a lot of ideas and thoughts out there that I'd like to be privy to... so read I must.

Here's what's on my bookshelf to accomplish this year.

# Counter Culture by David Platt - With how the world is reacting over every hot topic issue and I see more and more Christians adding to the problem, I'm curious for Platt's insight on how to respond to such things.

# For The Love by Jen Hatmaker - I mean, the tagline explains it all - "Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards" - who isn't curious how to do that? This world be stressful and judgmental and those are things I'd like to shake off sooner than later.

# A Meal with Jesus by Tim Chester - I've wanted to read this book for years honestly, but have just never committed the time to sit down a read it. It's literally talking about my love language - building community by feeding people. Holla.

# Yes Please by Amy Poehler - Most people know that Amy Poehler is my girl crush and that I think she is one of the most genuinely funny people on screen. I started this book and stopped before the holidays, so I'm excited to pick it back up and laugh with her.

# You and Me Forever by Francis Chan - This is also a book that got started and stopped this fall and I'm jonesin to get back into it. It's one of the best 'marriage books' that I've ever read.

# Multiply by Francis Chan - I read a few chapters of this a few years ago (are you noticing the trend of my life?), so I want to start from the beginning and read it again.

# Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling - I also just think this lady is refreshingly funny and loved her first book, so why not her second? I'm actually almost done with this one because I got it for free on Audible!

This may seem like a short list for a full year, but for me this will be a huge accomplishment if I finish them all. Like for reals.

What's on your reading list for this year? or month? or week?

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic list! We should be reading buddies because it sounds like we're wired in the same way ... I'm not the best of readers either. I've got about the same number of books on my list for this year too. Don't know if you saw the picture of my reading goals on Facebook. My goals are The Power of Thanksgiving by Joyce Meyer (it's a daily devotional), The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer, A Confident Heart by Renee Swope, The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst, Set-Apart Motherhood by Leslie Ludy, Grace-Awakening by Charles Swindoll, and How to Argue So Your Spouse will Listen by Dr. Somebody Morris ... we're reading it in counseling. I'm working on it slowly but surely. :) Good luck with your reading ... sounds like good stuff! Love you!


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