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I love loving people well. Figuring out how to surprise them with love is even better.
The holiday season always brings to mind the people in my daily life that do so much for me because it's their job. My "silent village" - the people who help me and my community every day while flying under the radar of gratitude. Though we may not know these people on a deeply personal basis, I think showing them a little gratitude for their service goes a long way. This year I decided to bake cookies for these people in my life. I thought I'd share a few other ideas on how you could spread the love this holiday season in case cookies aren't your thing!

1) Mailman.
I only interact with ours a few times a year, but he's quite literally at my house 6 days a week. How strange when you think about it. Showing a little love could not be easier in this situation - simply write a little note saying thank you, maybe throw in a little starbucks card action and place it in the box with "Mr Mailman" on the envelope. This year I saw him drive by across the street right I was pulling fresh cookies out of the oven, so I packed them up and got to give them to him warm! It made his day!

2) Trash Pick-up
Maybe you think this is weird, but I could not love the guys who pick up our trash each week any more than I do. We have a little mom & pop shop take care of ours and they are some of the kindest people around. I mean - they flippin handle my stinky garbage every week of the year. I propose writing them a note and maybe meeting them by the garbage one week with hot chocolate in hand and some donuts. I mean that's like the least we can do. When I called to ask the best way to get them their cookies this year, the lady was shocked that we had even thought to do this, which proves to me that they need more appreciation than they are getting.

3) Grocers
I like shopping in my own neighborhood and at the same places. I also typically shop on the same day of the week. Because of this there are a handful of grocers I talk to every week, who recognize me and Belle when we come in - heck, one gal and I know each other by name now and talk about our lives while the groceries are ringing up. Obviously you can't personally thank every employee at your local Kroger, but if you have someone you talk to regularly, maybe write them a note to say how much you appreciate them doing what they do, and in my case - thank you for keeping my toddler happy and giggling with your sweet words and the mass amount of stickers you provide her. We did this for our favorite cashier this year and she was nearly in tears over a Christmas card and a box of cookies.

4) Crossing guards
I obviously don't have school age children yet. But do you know how unbearably cold it can get just standing out in the early mornings or the snowy afternoons? Pretty crazy cold - and they do that 5 days a week so the kids in our neighborhood can get to school safely. I'm thinking a batch of chocolate chip cookies or some nice warm gloves may be the ticket!

5) Neighbors
Maybe you're friends with your neighbors - and to that I say, bravo! My neighbors are a part of my 'silent village' because none of my neighbors really talk to each other. Bringing them cookies a few times a year is really the best way I've gotten to know them. Baking goodies to simply say Happy Holidays and thanks for putting up with me this year (and also, I don't bite - so feel free to come in your front yard sometime this coming year), can go a long way and put a smile on someone's face.

So hop to it friends! Go out and put a smile on someone's face - spread the love!

Who are some other people you think should be on this list?

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  1. What a simply fantastic idea! I love the way you think, Em! This post is fun, inspiring, and full of great ideas! Thank you! (I'm trying to get back to reading your blog regularly and leaving a comment on every post! ... I started with this post.) :)


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