My Most Productive Day Of The Week

Mondays are typically a drag for those in the workforce and typically long, crazy days for those of us who stay at home with the kiddies. Once Belle hit toddlerhood I realized I could not handle insane Mondays for the rest of all time. So through trial and error we found what works best for both of us and how to make it work together to make Monday one of our more relaxed but also the most productive day of the week!

What's the trick? Well I'm so glad you asked! Ready?
We simply don't make plans on Monday - it's our 'No Plans Day'. 
Obviously this can be any day of the week - it's whichever day works best for you. I have found that it is best to keep it consistent for you to get not only the productivity but the relaxation.

The productivity of this method is pretty self explanatory once you see all that you've accomplished by the end of the day. The relaxation comes in knowing that all your ho-hum tasks are taken care of for the week and that you can just go about your week knowing everything is organized and done.

Here is the formula for a No Plans Day...

Chill Mornings
This especially comes in handy when you have kids.
Belle and I have our daily morning routine which in one word could be called 'relaxed'. Most days we just watch a single episode of her favorite tv show together. On Mondays however, when the first episode is over - I get to work and Belle gets to bask in the joy of pajamas and tv for a couple episodes more. I feel zero guilt about this.

Get to Work
While Belle chills out I set out to accomplish my Monday morning list.

Start laundry
Clean our fridge
Meal plan 
Grocery Shopping
Schedule week
Create my week's to-do list

After starting the first load of laundry, I clean out the week's unused leftovers and take stock of my inventory. Weekends usually contribute a few unusual things in our pantry and fridge. So I clean that up to get it ready for the groceries to come and the week's meals ahead.

After cleaning out the fridge I make a meal plan for the week. The first few meals I plan are based around what I have available or what needs to get used before it goes to waste. Then I add in the rest of the meals with whatever my heart desires and the budget allows. I make my grocery list on my handy Wunderlist app and breathe a sigh of relief that I will no longer have to plan meals for a week.

I then start a second load of laundry - Then we head to the grocery store as soon as I get Belle dressed.

We usually get back from the grocery store around the time our bellies start growling, so we break for lunch, play a little and then Belle goes down for a nap so I can continue getting things done. Groceries get put away, laundry gets switched, dinner gets prepped and then I sit down at my desk to make my schedule and to-do list.

This is when I look at my week and see what I want to accomplish. Do I have something I need to prep for throughout the week? Do I have people I need to make an effort to hang out with? How many playdates do I want to commit to or plan? What activities am I already committed to doing? I plan that all out, send the necessary texts, or emails to set plans and then I make my to-do list. This includes everything you can imagine. Washing my hair and shaving my legs have been some recent items as I just straight up forget to do them if I don't have them on my list. Ha - kidding... buuuut actually not really.

Once all of that is through I try to squeeze in a shower before the tot wakes up and then go about the evening as usual.

Ever since adopting this No Plans Day routine, we have a much less stressed week. I know that I got the necessary things done before the week even really begins and I'm able to fill my week with what I want to do without worrying about what I have to do.

What about you - do you have any killer moves for getting your weekly tasks done?


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