Thank You

Thank you to all the men and women who have served and those who are currently serving. 
I honor you... 
For giving up normal life. For having to leave your family at the drop of a dime for the sake of your country. For struggling through the hardships that are thrown at you that others may not understand.
For those times you speak up and those times you bite your tongue.
For being compassionate. For being fierce. For being brave. 
I honor your spouses, your families, your friends that stand by you. 
For supporting you. For encouraging you. For lifting you up. For being your anchor.


Thank you to this smokin hot hunk of a soldier.
You are the most honorable, hardworking man I know.
I'm honored to stand by your side while you serve our country. 


Don't forget to give thanks to the veterans in your life.
Some experience things you will never understand.
Some have wounds that will never heal.
Because they decided to serve the country we live in.


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