We got to sail in this boat across the Sea of Galilee - by far one of the coolest experiences of my life!

Drinking mint tea in the Old City of Jerusalem

Valley of Elah - where David slew Goliath

En Ghedi

This man was "guarding" the building he was posted at.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre - one of my LEAST liked places of the trip.

Dome of the Rock


Blurry ol' me
In honor of "throwbacks" and such, 
I thought I'd share some more photos from the Bible Lands trip I took almost five years ago.
These are all from my time in Israel.
Sailing across the Sea of Galilee and walking the streets of Jerusalem were some of my favorite parts of the trip. I was not at all a fan of the touristy places like the fancy churches - 
there was so much idolatry and show going on in them that it made me queasy. 
I definitely preferred the natural beauty that carried all the history and none of the show. To each their own though.

One of my top three embarrassing moments of my life happened while in Israel, so obviously I'm going to share it to further embarrass myself.
Me being, at the time, the most untraveled person I know, offended the heck out of some people one night at dinner. I had bought some bread while in Jerusalem earlier that day and had it in my purse while at dinner one night. When I saw there was no bread with our meal, I pulled some out (because apparently I'm incapable of eating a meal without carbs, ya know?) and ended up sharing it with a couple people at my table... not realizing that I had just made a HUGE mistake. Some of the staff came over and very alarmedly (yes, alarmedly) asked why I had brought food that had not been blessed into their dining room, because how dare I - or at least that's what their facial expressions added to the conversation. I was definitely in the wrong when I realized why they were so angry, but in the moment I was confused and just wanted to crawl into a hole, because people were watching me get scolded. I swear my cheeks were so hot you could've burnt yourself just by touching them. I also nearly cried I was so embarrassed. Woof.
So there ya have it. My awkward life summed up in one story.

What is your most EMBARRASSING traveling story?
Or ya know - really any embarrassing story, to help me not feel so ridiculous.

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