8 Ways To My Heart

Everyone has certain things that make them feel super loved. 
Have you ever thought about the little things people do for you that just seriously make your heart explode? I thought I'd share a short list of the little things that put a big smile on my face.

Do the dishes. Seriously, you will make me feel like a queen and I will want to return the favor. Doing the dishes is my least favorite task ever and it's one I find myself doing multiple times a day. I will never agree to letting you do the dishes if you ask though, so you have to be sneaky and just start doing them before I can stop you.
Seal the deal by buying a dishwasher and having it installed in my kitchen. 
Kidddddding. Don't do that.

Take me out for chips, salsa and queso. There are very few foods I could eat at any moment of any day. Queso and salsa are two of them and if you love them too and want to get some with me some time - we're sure to be instant friends.
Seal the deal by throwing down a margarita with me.

Send me a handwritten letter. I am the person who still gets excited to go to my mailbox every afternoon just because of the small chance there is a friend out there who wrote me a letter and dropped it in the mail. 95% of the time I'm met with a stack of junk mail and bills, but I still hope.
Seal the deal by making it extra mushy and sentimental. Words of affection are my love language after all.

Coffee & Wine. If you are on your way to see me and you surprise me with a yummy beverage - #1 you just made it possible for me to gear up for our hang out or calm down after a day of chasing a toddler around. #2 I will basically view you as a bringer of manna from heaven.
Seal the deal by knowing my coffee order or my favorite bottle of wine.

Welcome/love my kid. The people I feel closest to at this point in time are those who walk with me through this "mom season" of life I'm in - not just moms, but those who still make the effort to be a part of my world and welcome my little munchkin into theirs.
Seal the deal by getting to know her, watching out for her, talking to her and playing with her.

Tell me your story. Nothing makes me feel more connected to someone than knowing that they want to be open and vulnerable with me and trust me with their story. Tell me about the good and the bad, the heartwarming and the nitty gritty. It all important to me. 
Seal the deal by letting me share mine and making our conversation a judgement free zone.

Remember & check up. If I've shared something going on in my life or something I'm struggling with and you remember weeks down the road and ask me about it. That floors me. That shows me how much you truly care. That's a friendship to me. That makes me feel incredibly loved.
Seal the deal by randomly sending a text or a note to remind me you're praying for me.

Be Available. We're all busy and I certainly will never hold that against a person. Because we're all busy, it definitely makes an impact on me when a friend drops things to be there for me when I really need them. Whoops, locked myself out of the house in the middle of the day and you come over and rescue me? That means something to me.

What little things make your heart leap?
Please share them, I want to know!


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