In My Haul

Obviously everything fell perfectly into place when I dumped the bag.

Today was dump out the diaper bag day because something smells a little funky up in there. Turns out there was a tupperware of leftover pasta in addition to some melted chocolate and some overnight milk drippings thanks to the leaky sippy cup. #Momoftheyear ladies and gents.

After disposing of those smelly culprits, the remainder of the bag contents had me asking myself what I had in this bag and wondering what other mamas pack in a toddler bag?
Because HELP - my baby is a toddler and snacks only keep her happy for so long.

So here is a play-by-play of what I was thinking as I rummaged through the mess.

1) I've always been good at packing an extra set of clothes for her thanks to her tumultuous reflux ridden infancy, but apparently my mommy brain doesn't think she has a use for pants anymore.

2) Ah, a nifty little snack cup that she promptly takes the lid off of in 0.8 seconds, filled with a day old snack that I will most likely give to her without a second thought later today.

3) Two very no-nonsense toys - also known as two toys that will never keep her happy in a highchair in public - I mean, her turtle is literally made for walking around. Clearly didn't think those choices through.

4) Wipes, diapers, keys, wallet, discount cards - Otherwise known as the absolute essentials.

5) Three different kinds of lip balm/chap stick. I obviously have my priorities.

6) A USB stick that has absolutely no reason of being carried to splash pads and playdates all summer. Seriously, why is this in here?

7) Stain remover & organic hand sanitizer. Giving away that I'm THAT mom since 2014. Mental Note: replace the good old fashioned GermX next time I'm at the store.

Not pictured: Petrified cheerios in the bottom of the bag, sippy cup of water that was promptly taken away from me, and the ability to communicate that I'm a mom with one sighting of my ginormous, crossbody bag.

Ok but seriously mama's - what do you pack in your bag for a toddler? 
Am I doing this right? Because half way through a meal out, when everything in the bag has been offered and denied I'm thinking there may be some items I'm missing.


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