Craving... I'm always craving good queso dip with chips, but most recently and quite out of the blue, I've been craving the heck out of an icee or slushie. The only thing is I don't really like any of the flavors that are typically offered, so I haven't gone out to get one. I really just want a root beer icee and I'm not sure if those even exist.

Thinking... Lately I've been thinking a lot about how I want to be a joyful parent. I think I've been dwelling on this lately because my joy tank has had some leaks in it and I don't like how it's affecting me. I'm pretty introverted. I love love love spending time with Belle and watching her discover things and playing with her and reading the same book to her 10 times and teaching her about herself and the world. But because I'm as introverted as I am, by the time her nap comes along I'm so drained that by the time I recover and am ready to do something I'd like to do or need to do before she wakes up - she starts waking up. So I'm trying to figure out how to balance all that out and what the best way to do it is. I'll keep you posted if I discover the secret.

Reading... Right now I'm reading 'You and Me Forever' by Francis and Lisa Chan. Even though I'm only in chapter two - I can say without a doubt that this may be the best marriage book I've ever read. It's already prompted some really good conversation between Bear and I and I'm looking forward to getting further into it. I'm also reading 'No Longer a Slumdog' by K.P. Yohannan which is both heartbreaking and encouraging at the same time. On top of those our church just started reading through 'Gospel in Life' by Tim Keller and though I like the little I've read so far, I'm having a hard time getting into his writing style (which is probably so taboo of me to say. whoops.). To lighten my reading load, I also threw 'Yes Please' by Amy Poehler in the mix. I'd honestly like to be friends with her in real life, because she's just that funny and her sense of humor definitely jumps off each page.

Listening... to a lot of Taylor Swift, Dierks Bentley, and Sam Hunt. But really, let's be honest, that's all you'll ever hear me listening to. I've also spent a good amount of time listening to my neighbor's rooster do his 'cockadoodledoo' at some of the most confusing times of the day.

Enjoying... The taste of fall weather that Nashville has been experiencing. Until you live in the south, I feel most people take for granted what it's like to walk from your front door to your vehicle without already being drenched in sweat from the humidity. Gross. Bring on fall. I've loved being able to pull my boots out, thrift for sweaters, and drink hot cups of caffeine again.

What are YOU currently up to?


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