19 Months


Our buddies!

I walked away for like 5 seconds.

Coloring books < Cardboard boxes

Hangs with Daddy on the ball field

CHEESE yet again!

Those two go with us just about everywhere!

Sunday mornin' sweetness!

Just when I thought I knew what toddlerhood was about, Belle goes and shows me otherwise. 
This month has been full of a lot of emotional growth both for Belle and Barry and I.
It seems like every emotion Belle experiences is ginormous and exaggerated beyond what you'd imagine. This has brought about some big highs and some very low lows. Giggles, stubbornness, snuggle needs, alone time, you name it - it's in the extremes. I love it and kind of hate it at the same time. Obviously depending on the emotion she's currently experiencing, you know. 
She loves big and she knows how to hurt big. She's so good at sharing, caring, loving and comforting people. She's also pretty good at throwing fits and intentionally doing the opposite of what she knows she should do. She loves loving her friends and being around people but she also really likes going off and doing her own thing or closing herself in her room (or any other room) when people are overwhelming her. 

This month we have been doing a lot of creativity/art like activities - chalk, coloring, sticker books, playdough, etc. The two of us go spend one afternoon a week with my 'first' kiddies at Cottage Cove and she is so well loved by all of those sweet babes and loves being there herself. With the weather cooling down, we've spent as much time as possible at the park, Zoo with friends, taking walks, and around bonfires. Her pickiness when it comes to mealtime has gotten a little better - but ask me tomorrow and I may say something different. We've noticed just in the past week or two that she is really watching our mouths when we are sounding a word out to her and she is trying to mimic us, so the talking is likely quickly upon us (or not, who knows?). She loves to 'CHEESE' for pictures or really whenever she's feeling goofy. She's forward facing in the carseat as of a couple weeks ago and she loves it more than I thought she would. She loves dancing and spinning, somersaulting, and attempting the splits. She's been super into snuggling under blankets and giving lots of hugs and kisses to anyone she feels comfortable around - but especially with daddy. 

She brings so much wild and crazy joy to our lives, even on the hard days, we're so thankful for our sweet little pumpkin!


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