Dear Belle

Dear Belle...
I love to take little moments each day to just take you all in.
To watch you when you are in your own world or when you're being the goofball you truly are.
You're the coolest little person I know. 
I love being your mama.
I love that you always choose your purple shoes when I give you the choice. That you stop what you're doing and start twirling when I turn Sam Hunt on. That you know I'll always stop what I'm doing when you bring me a book to read to you. I love your giggles when you're picking up vibes that something the adults are talking about is funny. It fills my heart up when you run to me with your arms open for a hug.
Dear sweet girl, I pray your heart stays soft and kind. Few things make me smile as much as when I see you sharing, almost to a fault - I mean, you tried to give away your lunch to someone the other day. I love that even when your friends run from your hugs or take toys out of your hand or shove you out of the way, your most common response is kindness. I love that you love people. I love seeing you spread joy in the grocery store when you wave to every single person we pass by. I love that you can be the life of a party, but I also love that you know when your introvert soul needs to take a moment and you just walk in your room and close the door to play by yourself for a moment. I hope you always know yourself that well. I'm overjoyed that you love helping and serving - whether that be by cleaning your toys up or by setting up a beautiful spread out of your toy picnic basket, seeing your face light up when you do these things never ceases to flood my heart with joy. I hope serving others in love is something you always do.

You make my life fuller and you nudge me to be better.

All my love, pumpkin.

Your Mama


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