Cummins Falls

Our latest adventure was a day trip to Cummins Falls!

It was full of...
Packing our vehicles with friends and Chacos.
Jammin' to T-Swizzle for an hour in a minivan with some of my favorite ladies.
Wearing our tater tot like a backpack.
Taking detours to take pictures and splash in mini-falls.
Walking through a herd? pack? swarm of butterflies.
 Being well loved by friends who hold, help with, play with & teach new things to our little Belle.
Tackling new challenges and impressing myself.
Poor fast food dinner decisions to laugh about the next day.

It was such a beautiful, fun filled day! We were so thankful we got to experience it with our munchkin and some of our "framily". I foresee a lot of waterfall trips in our future, especially after seeing how Belle handled the falls and hiking like a champ. She didn't protest even once that I remember - love her!

What killer summer adventure have you taken lately?
Do you have a favorite waterfall?


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