Midsummer Garden Update

Basil Sweet Basil

Holy Squash

The most beautiful bane of my existence

I definitely cried over this

Hoping this second round of 'maters makes it

The most prayed over vegetation around

My little helper

How my cukie started out.

Cucumber Tot

Ready for Picklin'

Fresh Lavender

Having a garden this year has been so good. 
It's definitely working some patience in me, as well as how to handle disappointment. 
We had a couple weeks that were SO WET that it gave my first crop of 'maters blossom end rot and none of them were edible. Then a couple giant tomato caterpillars attacked all but two of my plants and I lost even more 'maters. It surprised me how much disappointment I felt... but I did. I grew my plants from seeds and have patiently watered and cared for them for almost 6 months and I have yet to see a harvest. I'm hopeful for the next batch though. We've had a couple of pretty hot and dry weeks and I can already see the difference. My cucumbers and squash are definitely doing the best out of everything I planted. I've loved seeing them grow from little bitty buds to full grown vegetables. I'll be trying my hand at making pickles for the first time, with the two cukes I picked today and I just couldn't be more excited about it!
I'm already getting excited about a bigger and better garden next summer with everything I've learned this season!

What's something new you're learning this summer?


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