16 months

What's up?

Working on that 'Goofball Island'

Little explorer

She's such a good helper.

Her reaction to me locking us out of the house for about 45 minutes.

Pure glee

Stickin' that beautiful belly out

Daily Picnic


I promise she loves me.

Water baby

She had plenty of strawberries in her cup, but mine were the only ones she was interested in. Punk.

So proud of herself!

Oh ya know, just chillin in a box.

Workin' that shampoo 'do

Ain't nobody got time to get undressed.


Shots & Smiles

Huckleberry Belle

Sassiest coffee date around

Passed out.

Well hello there! Apparently a month has gone by since I last posted anything (how.in.the.world?). Belle is 16 months old today (or as I commonly say when asked "oh, ummm she's 15... no 16... she's a year and half basically.") and I can't say that a whole lot has changed since last month. She's is still a crazy little rambunctious toddler. She brings so much joy and exhaustion that I feel like I've become the boring mom that falls asleep (eyes open) in the middle of conversations and doesn't do anything beyond playdates. Ah, well, such is life, amiright? 

Belle likes to spend her time in any form of water these days. The rain fiiiiinally let up about a week ago and it's been HOTT. We are regulars at the splash pad where Belle enjoys running under the waterfalls and screeching and clapping. She also likes to take other kid's toys that are lying around and grab strangers' lunches when my back is turned for a millisecond. [[Sheesh]]
We also frequent park fields and playgrounds to get some of her [neverending] energy out so that she'll actually take a nap. We took a trip to Indiana this month to visit family and framily and ever since then it's like she never wants to go to sleep. Once she's asleep she's down, but actually getting her to want to go to sleep the past couple weeks hasn't been happening. 
I hate to say it but she's become a picky little eater. I'm looking at it as a stage and not too stressed about it. She'll eat when she's hungry. I'm certainly not going to make 5 different meals until she decides I've made something to her liking. The only food she's consistent with is her green smoothies in the morning - she's hooked. Needless to say I've been stuffing more and more kale in them to make up for the fact that she picks and pokes at food the rest of the day. 
We finally got around to getting her 15 month checkup done last week and as per usual she is healthy as can be. Petite thing she is, she hasn't even crossed 20lbs yet - she was 19.5lbs / 30in. She had her first ever fever from the round of vaccines this time but still managed to stay in a pretty good mood until it passed.
She's been sick sick for the first time in her life this week. Fever. Snot. Cough. The works. As long as we cuddle on the couch and read or I let her walk around our backyard she's been pretty upbeat... the only time she even acts sick is right before bed when she starts coughing a little. Tough little thing. I'm so thankful for her sweetness that shines through even when she's feeling cruddy. Whatta babe.
To end with a more cheery note, though she hasn't added any new words to her vocabulary, the ones she is saying are becoming more and more clear - She said 'thanks' clear as day last week. We're working on learning 'please' next as she just likes to point and demand things and neither of us want that to become a habit. Haha.

Toddlerhood is definitely teaching me new things daily about parenthood and childhood.
It's a new adventure to be sure! Thankful Belle is the one teaching us :)


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