The view from our condo - so beautiful!

Spending Belle's naptime wisely.

Her preferred way to enjoy the beach.

Nevermind the fact that I look like a cheesy 13 year old, I'm in the ocean with my babe.

Belle being dramatic as usual.
The only picture that proves we had friends with us.


We've always loved the beach. It's been where we've taken some of our most memorable vacations together. Sand, Sun, Surf = Happiness for us. Last Memorial Day weekend we decided that having a baby wouldn't stop us from a spontaneous cheap trip with a couple friends, so we packed up our not yet three month old and spent the weekend in a crappy hotel. It was one of our favorite trips yet because we got to experience something we love with people we love. So we decided to go for it again this year. This time we were fortunate enough to have a little extra cash and got to stay beachfront in a beautiful condo with a couple of other sweet friends. Though traveling and vacations are a completely different experience with a baby or toddler in tow, they are always worth it!


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