15 Months


Good gravy! Toddlerhood is happening and it's crazy and fun and exhausting and beautiful and I love it. I have to say, it is a little more exhausting than having an infant for this introverted mama soul, but it also full of all kinds of fun adventures, which I absolutely love. 

The most memorable part of our month was cutting four molars and a front bottom tooth all at the same time. Sheesh. All three of us were about to lose our minds by the end of it. Never has Belle been more miserable or defiant than she was for that entire week and half. 
The most enjoyable memory from this month was taking her to the beach! She has been once before when she was just a babe, but this time she actually got to get in the ocean and play in the sand. And I didn't have to constantly stop and nurse her this time around - so those two things together made for an awesome trip!

This month has been full of firsts for her as well - mostly in the form of sweet treats. First Sno Cone, first donut, first ice cream of her very own. She's definitely got her Daddy's sweet tooth. We've also taken our first trips to many of the parks and splash pads around Nashville and she's definitely a waterbug like her Mama. She's also started saying a little more. Though none of her words are super defined, she can say "all done", "mom", "daddy" and "dog". She also has her own signals/sounds she says for "thank you", "more", "milk", "yes", "nap", and "no".

It's been so fun watching her grow more and more into her own little person this month.
She is an independent, focused, brave, sweet, sneaky, kind, curious, little human.
She loves making friends, giving hugs, reading books, and playing outside.
Every minute is an adventure with her!


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